A Supply Chain and Operations Leader in Bringing Products to Market

Bruce is the founder of BHR Global Associates, Inc. The company focuses on assisting companies launch new products and expand their existing business with services ranging from product development, sourcing, and marketing support to locating appropriate financing for the company to launch or grow.

Bruce’s experience with two mid-sized consumer products companies ranged from Inventory Control Manager to Assistant to the President to Senior Vice President. Bruce led the development of product lines that have added over twenty percent to the company’s sales within two years on more than one occasion. Bruce led the implementation of a national warehouse network including the systems to support them.

Bruce has been working globally since the 1980s and includes travel to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Israel, Germany, Belgium, and Canada to develop products, partnerships, relationships, and sources. In addition, Bruce dealt with and is dealing with companies in India, Italy, Spain, France, and England. Bruce developed and implemented forecasting programs and models that improved customer service and inventory turns especially in the area of new products. Bruce worked with the operational personnel at many major retailers including Walmart, Target, Lowes, KMart, Sears, Do-it Best, to understand their requirements and to ensure the company I was working for met and exceed their expectations.

Geographical Experience

  • United States
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle East

Board Experience

  • American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS) Regional Boards
  • Ginsey Industries
  • Keystone-Franklin
  • Bethel Grant Condominium Association

Professional Accolades