Mr. Mark Salimena has been with Optimal Capital Group since late 2009.  Originally, Optimal Capital Group hired Mr. Salimena to develop and maintain the special and individual attention that the firm’s clients expect in conjunction with adding to our client base and increasing market share nationwide.   He has managed the successful structuring, pricing, and closing of $3-4 billion per year in interest rate hedging products on average since 2003.  Mr. Salimena has extensive municipal derivative pricing experience, including product specialization in forward delivery interest rate structures as well as various option agreements.  He is an expert in spreadsheet cash-flow/trade-valuation analysis and regularly speaks at industry conferences on derivative topics.

Mr. Salimena previously worked as a Financial Advisor and has over twenty-five years’ experience as a financial advisor, swap advisor, and investment advisor.  This allows him the opportunity to fully understand the needs of his clients in terms of financial integration and overall risk management.  In addition to Mr. Salimena’ s business experience, he served as Budget Director for the Finance Department of Camden County, New Jersey.

Mr. Salimena has worked in both Swap Advisor and Financial Advisor roles for numerous clients including The Ohio Housing Finance Agency, The City of Philadelphia, The City of Birmingham, Alabama, The New Jersey Health Care Facilities Authority, The Devereux Foundation, American University, the University of Delaware and Temple University Health System and Numerous Multi-Family Housing Developers all over the world.

Board Experience

  • West Virginia University Alumni Association – Executive Vice President (1995-2005)
  • Computer Factory Outlet – Board Member (1995-1997)

Professional Accolades

Sigma Chi Fraternity (Life Loyal Sig)