AI Strategist | Board Advisor | Venture Creator

Executive Bio
Dave is a seasoned executive with a 30+ year background in the services and technology sectors. His expertise lies in guiding private companies with revenues between $250K and $5M+, helping them develop and implement strategies that utilize technology to expand revenue, improve margins, and secure a competitive edge. He has served as a Board Advisor for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations and has played a pivotal role in the acquisition of a private company. Dave’s particular area of specialization is in the introduction of tech-enabled solutions to the market, with a focus on leveraging Generative AI, Machine Learning (ML), and advanced analytics.

Dave recently served as the SVP of Global Data Analytics Strategy at AllCloud, a leading global cloud computing professional services firm, where he was instrumental in establishing their North American Cloud Data & AI Practice. This initiative led to a remarkable 300% increase in revenue, surpassing goals in both sales bookings and margins. Before his tenure at AllCloud, Dave was the Founder and CEO of Integress Inc., a business that was later acquired by AllCloud. Integress was a Data and AI professional services firm that helped SMBs leverage their data assets to add significant value such as $2M+ in cost savings and $1M+ from a new revenue stream.  Throughout his career, Dave has consistently driven growth by developing and implementing technology-focused growth strategies, managing sales and market entry strategies, and overseeing profit and loss. Additionally, he has provided strategic growth and tech-enablement guidance to both private companies and nonprofit organizations.

How Can I Help?
Throughout my experiences, I’ve learned the immense value that technology-enabled businesses can create when combined with a talented team and an adaptable, well-founded strategy. My current focus is on using my expertise to offer support, mentoring, and business advice to executives of early-stage ($250K-$2M) and small businesses ($1M-$10M) aiming to harness AI and ML to enhance growth and profitability.

Having held roles from founder to executive at small businesses, my goal is to be your trusted business partner, providing thoughtful, relevant advice and being candid when it matters most. I’m deeply passionate about technology, taking great joy in collaborating with exceptional individuals to create something truly remarkable.

My focus is on providing CEOs and their key staff with:

  • Independent, relevant, and actionable insights
  • Confidential  one-on-one counsel and discussions. The CEO and executive roles are challenging and often require discussions with someone that has an outside perspective.
  • Technology innovation:
    • Application of AI & ML to enhance existing products and services
    • Identification of opportunities to launch new tech-enabled products and services
    • Assistance with crafting practical strategies to make your new and enhanced AI-enabled products and service a success in the market
    • Evaluation of the resource needed to execute on existing and new strategies
  • Business development.  In every role I’ve had, sales has been a critical responsibility. I often complement this role to refine go-to-market strategies through engagement with customers and prospects.
  • Assistance with due diligence, exit strategies and deal structures from both a founder’s and acquirer’s perspective
  • A network of relationships with vendors, potential customers, and key resources that provide unique value for your business

At the end of the day, I understand that this is your company. I am here to augment your skills and enable you to go faster and farther while avoiding pitfalls.

Board Strategic Assets

Business Strategy

  • Transforming internal assets into marketable products and services that leverage AI & ML
  • Identification and launch of new AI-enabled products and services
  • Vetting and refinement of execution steps and sequencing
  • Driving recurring revenue through SaaS-based products and services
  • Experience in due diligence, acquisition, and integration of businesses 


  • Generative AI and ML
  • Cloud computing, data platforms, and data analytics
  • AWS ecosystem, tools, and technology experience

Board Experience

  • Technology Board Advisor, Hopeworks (2023-)
  • Various Advisory Boards for Early-Stage businesses between $250K to $2M in revenue
  • Mentor in the Temple Business Plan program

Professional Accolades

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect; AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • The Wharton School, Post-Graduate Marketing Certificate
  • Villanova University, MBA
  • Villanova University, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering