Jeff is an executive with extensive experience in healthcare technology businesses. Jeff has led private and public businesses from $5M to $100M in revenue, he has owned the P&L, sales revenue, cost, and profit and has had reporting relationships to the Board of Directors as well as having been a board member. He has driven the acquisition of several companies, and has been acquired several times. He has led the integration of multiple business units, rightsized product portfolios, opened new channels to market, and led hi-tech innovative solutions.

Jeff’s most recent position was General Manager of LexisNexis Healthcare. Prior to that Jeff was President of Health Market Science (HMS), which was acquired by LexisNexis to establish their healthcare business along with three other acquisitions. Jeff was tasked as GM of the  four distinct businesses to bring them together into a single LexisNexis business with unified leadership, sales, marketing, and product strategy. While President of HMS he led the use of $6M in venture funding to build the next generation product platform, launch new products and invest in sales & marketing to grow recurring annual revenue from $25M to $48M over 5 years. Prior to HMS Jeff led the sales, marketing, and product teams for the highly successful FirstDoc Document Management solutions for LifeSciences.

How Can I Help?

Throughout my experiences I have learned the organizational leadership dynamics, practical decision making, commercial strategies, focus, and execution required to lead a successful business. I am now focused on leveraging my experiences to provide support, mentoring, and business advice to executives with businesses in the range of $1M-$20M in revenue.

An excellent complement to founders and innovators, I bring experience-based, thoughtful, practical, and transparent input in a highly engaged manner to the successful business leaders that I workwith.

I have successfully worked with CEOs and Founders to become a trusted peer bringing impartial perspective, relevant experiences, and a network of relationships with vendors and customers that provide a unique value for theirbusiness.

You know how challenging it is to be the leader of a small business and the breadth of decision making required. There’s great empowerment and often clarity in accessing perspective, and relevant experiences in a confidential and peer-to-peer manner.

I am an Advisor to small business CEOs that are pre-investment and looking to grow their business, take on investment, and define an exit strategy. I also assist Private Equity & Venture Capital investors with diligence and consulting based upon my executive experience in leading healthcare and technology companies and my understanding of these markets.

My focus is on providing CEOs and their key staff with:

  • Independent, thoughtful and candid feedback
  • Confidential peer-level counsel, dialogue, and challenging discussion – the CEO role is a lonely role and often requires someone to exchange confidential and constructive ideas
  • Practical, logical, experience driven dialogue. This is not high level blue sky advice, I have not authored any books. I simply have been passionately and deeply involved in running businesses in a very hands-on manner for many years. I enjoy working with talented company leaders.
  • Leadership development. Stretch your skills into the areas where you are not as comfortable but which are critical for your business
  • Business Development – I have been selling, managing customer messaging, and engaging customers in trusted relationships for 20+ years. I often play a role in which I assist directly with clients in these

It is YOUR Company, the decisions and the business are yours! I’m here to provide  perspective and support that simplifies, streamlines, and improves your ability to drive your successful business.

Corporate Structure & Business Strategy

  • Corporate ownership and structure
  • Business strategy and relevance for preferred valuations and exit strategy
  • Advisory Board and Board of Directors experience from both sides of the table

Industry Expertise, Perspective, and Relationships

  • Life Sciences (Clinical, Regulatory, Sales & Marketing)
  • Health care (Payer, Provider, Pharmacy, PBM)
  • SaaS software, cloud solutions, data & analytics


  • Experience in use of funds from investment
  • Experience in leading the diligence, acquisition, and integration of businesses
  • Experience is driving the sale (exit) of the business to an acquirer and being a retained member of leadership team to drive integration

Board Experience

  • President, and Board Member, Health Market Science (2010-2015)
  • Board Director, iContracts (2014-2016)
  • Various Advisory Boards to CEO for businesses between $1M to $20M in revenue
  • Mentor in PACT (Philadelphia Alliance for Capital & Technology) Mentor Connect program