I have been intimately involved in advising, founding, investing, growing, and at times restructuring private and publicly traded early stage and middle market companies for more than 35 years. I have helped companies accelerate revenues and profitability, align interests and work towards common objectives.  Had I received the benefit of expert and honest feedback from more seasoned managers, I am sure I would have made better decisions. If you need help navigating the intricacies of choosing between investment in growth, M&A activity or cashing in, I can help you attack and conquer these challenges.

I have broad-based experience (investment banking, private equity, venture capital) in a range of sectors including healthcare, software, manufacturing, and business services. I have strong transactional and financial skills in debt and equity finance, M&A, strategic planning, marketing, operations and corporate governance. My experience includes Board and committee representation and Officer roles with 9 private companies ($5M to $280M) and 5 non-profits.

Geographical Experience

  • United States
  • North America

Board Experience

  • Liptak Digital Services
  • CNC Manufacturing
  • PHL Next Stage Med
  • MTI Precision Products
  • IAB Solutions
  • Quench USA
  • MCMC
  • Basho Technologies
  • ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services
  • ACG Philadelphia
  • The Philadelphia School, CCRA

Professional Accolades

  • Past Chairman – M&A East (ACG Philadelphia)