Al Nanni is Founder and President of PIVOT MedTech.  PIVOT MedTech was founded in 2018 and provides medical device distribution and industry expertise to create low-cost sites of care across orthopedic specialties with an emphasis on outpatient total joint programs and Acute Surgery Centers (ASC).  PIVOT leverages an extensive network of manufacturers, distributors and surgeons to improve efficiencies.   PIVOT also provides environmental solutions for testing surfaces, air filtration and decontamination.


Based upon his expertise, extensive network in the industry and a tenacity to succeed, Al quickly built PIVOT MedTech into a fast-growing successful business.  In 2021 Al recognized the need to bring on outside business advisors to assist him in the strategy and operations of the business.


Founded in 2018


Engaged ELAB


ELAB Advisors comprising PIVOT Advisory Board


PIVOT’s high growth challenges included:

  • Prioritizing business initiatives with limited personnel
  • Identifying target markets and specific business partners
  • Building out a sales & marketing infrastructure
  • Evaluating tangential opportunities as they arise to provide the best solutions that leverage the company’s extensive network of physicians and Acute Surgery Centers
  • In short, the business has grown and was evolving to a new level of maturity, and Al was looking for experienced business leaders who could assist him in taking PIVOT MedTech to that next level.


Al chose three ELAB Advisors and established the PIVOT MedTech Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board facilitated strategic planning sessions to outline and prioritize the multiple markets and opportunities.  This identified several strategic needs, including:

  • Building an addressable market view across knee, shoulder, and hip replacements
  • Aligning sales and operations personnel and structures with highest value potential markets
  • Maturing financial reporting tools and discipline to provide rich insights and regular progress evaluation

In addition, the Advisors work with Al in reviewing monthly operations and exploring potential new business ventures and partnerships. 

Key outcomes included focusing the efforts of the President and company’s resources in specific areas aligned with the defined strategy and the market opportunity.  This focus and alignment is helping PIVOT MedTech achieve new levels of success!