By Bill Morrow

A crisis is always a turning point in any business.  Throw in a worldwide pandemic that puts all companies into crisis mode (in one form or another) and you have the makings for a paradigm shift that will leave some business in a better position and others closing the doors.  

Let’s look at what’s happened:

Overnight the way many companies communicate with both existing customers and new prospects has shifted.  Face-to-face meetings are at best rare and in most cases non-existent.  Conventions, industry events and user groups are all cancelled for the year.  And in some industries, this represents 70% to 90% of all customer/prospect interaction. 

Now you have two choices:  wait until next year and hope things go back to normal at some time or adjust to the changing landscape.

Things are changing!  Your customers (no matter what industry you are in) are rushing to consume digital content at a record pace.  Depending on the industry – anywhere from 50% to 300% on average!  

Companies are still buying:  Clients that are embracing this trend and providing content that their clients/prospects are looking for have increased their business over 30%,

How do you provide content that will draw people to your website, while giving them what they want?

Valuable Content – start by providing content that is valuable to your audience.  It could be as simple as showing them how to best work with you for the best results.  Or perhaps you’re showing them ways to solve problems they are encountering in this new world.  If you haven’t picked up a phone and talked to your clients in a while to have a conversation about their business, do so today!  

Content Delivery – people consume content in different ways, depending on industry age and comfort with technology.  You can often use the same content in blogs, webinars and even recorded video.  Don’t think that any of this has to be heavily produced.  People like authenticity and as such, these are things you can do with some simple guidance and support.

At the end of the day, you want to be sure you are staying in front of your clients and prospects.  Because if you don’t, your competitors will.